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Kington Co. is Taiwan’s leading provider specialized cash handling equipment and related banking solutions. Our products include Banknote Counter, Counterfeit Detector, Coin Counter, Sorting Machine, Cheque Writer,Forex Exchange Display Board, Banknote Banding Machine, Strapping Machine, White Kraft Paper tape with coated, PE Film Tape, Plastic Foil and consumables, all of which help bank users improve productivity and efficiency, built up a professional corporate image to customer.


Kington Co. not only support implementing promotional activities for brand building, but also conducting detailed market study for analyzing latest market trends and tracking competitors activities. We will give you the best solution for your market strategy. Our automatic business systems are widely applied among different applications, including Governments & agencies, Financial institutions, Cash processing center, Commercial banks, Cash-in-Transit company, Post office,...etc. We are customers’ good partner to give solution reduce their daily burden and enhance the efficiency of cash handling.

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